Saturday, November 22, 2008

something simple like that

Fish found himself smiling too. He couldn't help but like Gordy. They'd sat and talked a bit about jobs and where Kal worked.

"I never ever thought about applying there," Fish told him.

"Well, I don't know if they'll have anything much at the moment, but who knows. You know, get your name in the door. I bet you got some loyal customers down in Austin who could vouch for you. Who knows, they might even be looking for somebody like you who's got that kind of talent." Gordy had no idea just how much he could help a guy's ego.

"Why hadn't I thought of that?" Fish just shook his head. There was a sense a hope inside him now. Maybe this wasn't going to be a complete up hill battle.

"You would have, but some stuff just gets in the way, sometimes." Gordy looked at Bella who was showing Jane some her some toys that Emily had got for her.

"I don't really think Bella's going to have a problem with Thanksgiving," Fish smiled. "We'll be there. Don't let Bella give you a hard time about Rachel."

"She just wouldn't be Bella, otherwise." Gordy grinned. Yeah, Fish knew there was a lot about Bella he didn't know, and he guessed Gordy wasn't going to share it.


Cate said...

Haha, loved that conversation. It's sort of boyfriend and ex-boyfriend making fun of the girl without actually saying so, in fact, saying anything. They just know what the other one thinks, because they've both been thru it ^^

Ivy said...

I do so like that they can get along. I think Gordy is his old self again. Maybe better than ever.

ellie said...

Aw..nice conversation..wonder how Bella takes this.