Saturday, December 6, 2008

in the mix

Kal hated to think that he actually liked Fish, but he did. They worked together down at the grocery store at night. Fish was trying to pick up more overtime when he could. As of yet, he hadn't heard much from the place where Kal worked. Maybe after Christmas.

"Sorry, dude, wish I was more help," Kal told him while they were stocking peppermint creamers and other Christmas delights.

"That's OK, I knew it might not work, but you know, you gotta try," Fish was still all smiles. He seemed pretty content to Kal to work there at the grocery store.

"So you ready for Christmas?" Kal wanted to know.

"Christmas should be everyday," Fish just grinned.


"I just wish I could figure out this whole wedding and everything. I mean, it looks sooner than I expected. I guess that's good. Right?" Kal needed someone to say it was.

"Right?" Fish nodded, studying a chocolate powdered creamer with mint in it.

"Its just, you know, I kind of like giving things a test drive before you know-" Kal hadn't meant to make Whitney sound like a car, but he'd never gone this long without sex in his life. Well, not since middle school, anyway.

"It'll be great," Fish informed him. "Because you'll be ready. She'll be ready. You do other stuff, don't you?"

"She's not that kind of girl?" Kal shrugged.

"Really, I thought-" Fish cleared his throat then before he said anything more.

"You are talking about oral stuff, aren't you?"

Fish started chuckling then. "I guess.. I just know, well I did, some chicks, I mean a lot of them were virgins, too, its just they still liked a little fun." He shrugged then and cut open another box with his box cutter.

"I don't miss those days, I really don't. Not when I'm with Whitney." Kas shook his head. "Its just what if she decides I don't do a thing for her."

"Don't make it more complicated than it is," Fish looked at him then. "You'll figure it out. Its like when you have a disagreement over something, you know its not the end, you just have a bad patch to work through."

"Are you going through a bad patch with B?" Kal looked up at him.

"Well, it would definitely be nice to get her alone without having to wonder what Gib is doing. Usually, pooping his pamper, but its like she's afraid she might miss that. Its like she's trying to make up for all stuff she didn't do with Jane. So yeah, its a waiting game."

"Sorry, dude, and here I thought I was the one not getting any," Kal grinned and moved on to the Christmas coffee to shelve.


Cindiddy said...

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LovesMeNot said...

I almost forgot about Fish...

Cate said...

Make Whitney sound like a car ^^ That was funny ^^
Fish and Kal - I just like it that they're friends.
I don't know... The sex was the main motive for Kal's proposing to Whitney, but I think he'll discover how great it is to be Whitney's husband even under other aspects! He did the right thing, Whitney's a dear.

simon n josh said...

I love these 2 together.