Saturday, January 31, 2009

at the movie

Charlotte wasn't sure how to act around Serena. First of all, she'd never really been around someone with just one arm. OK, she had half an arm. It just startled Charlotte. She hadn't expected that. And Serena was a pastry chef.

Charlotte did her best to ignore the fact that there was just a stub there and no hand. She so wanted to know how long it had been that way. Whitney told her a little about Serena that her parents had adopted her from Russia when she was three. She was missing part of her foot too, but there was no limp when she walked. She was quite adaptable. Evidently.

Charlotte wanted to tell her she was amazing, but she wouldn't dare gush. That just wasn't Charlotte's way. It would just be embarrassing for the both of them. Instead, Charlotte sat in the back seat and let them do all the talking. It was nice. They chatted about everyone they knew at the coffee shop. People who were regulars. People who had worked there. Lots of laughter. Charlotte wasn't sure to be in on all the talk or perhaps text somebody, anybody while on this drive.

Finally, they got to the theater.

"Do you know anything about this movie?" Serena asked Charlotte.

"Its based on a book," Charlotte nodded. "Q and A, but they changed it some. I hope they changed the story for the better. Its up for a lot of awards."

"All I know, Dev is in it, from SKINS. He is so funny, I love him." Whitney added carrying the popcorn while Serena cradled her drink and Charlotte took the rest of the snacks and followed.

Charlotte thought she might sit next to Whitney, but as it was, Serena sat in the middle. And Charlotte was OK with that.


Clandestine Heart said...

Nice part...
Nice header, by the way.

Thanks for the note! I'm not supposed to be writing so much this year; there's this really important exam on october and I don't have that much time to study for it...

Clandestine Heart said...
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diane said...

I like your new header.

Bravo, Charlotte, for working it all out in one car trip. I know how it feels; a friend of my husband lost part of his arm shortly after graduation. Scenerio: drunk, driving, arm hanging out of window, crash, lose arm. He's really a cool guy, and adapted well, like Serena. He even runs his own recording studio, Left Hook Productions; guess how he came up with the name. He's got such a strong personality, it didn't take long for me to forget about the arm when I met him.

Karine said...

What a situation.I can feel the tension.


Loved the new layout!



Cate said...

Oh, new headers I see at both dk;dc and blue hearts! Cool!
Yeah, I wouldn't know how to act around a person with just one arm at first, either.
It's nice that Serena talks to Charlotte. I guess it makes things easier for Charlotte.

Ivyoaks said...

I think they can all be friends. Serena is really nice.

frances said...

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