Sunday, February 1, 2009

in the land of women

Gordy found himself talking this through with Bella about the babysitting. "It'll be great. They always get along." Of course, after he said that, he was sure the girls would have a fight now. Perhaps they weren't perfect angels, and yeah, there were a few things Jane was saying now that he sometimes had to second guess.

He wasn't sure how he could explain it. She was upset just before they got to Bella's that it wasn't fair that Lucy got to take a shower with her Mom. Why couldn't she take a shower with him?

"We just don't do that," Gordy had shook his head when Jane started in with a little stomp about it. "Jane, you know, we've never taken a shower together. Why would we now?" Of course, this was only half the equation. He'd have to talk to Rachel about it. He'd probably get a grown up girl stomp about it too. ...if he asked why it was necessary to shower with Lucy.

So at least they weren't still discussing it. Gordy could see Jane bringing it up to Bella. Which might be fun to see how Bella handled the situation. Perhaps that was what Jane had always wanted, a shower with her mother.

Of course, by the look of Bella, a spa might be more preferable at the moment.

"I'm here. I'm here." Emily waved in the back ground. She was off in the kitchen, and the girls ran to find her.

"See, it'll be just fine." Gordy was grinning and Rachel was yelling for him to come on. They'd be late.

"Gotta go.'"

Bella still hadn't said anything. He leaned in as if a kiss on the cheek might help, but then remembered that Rachel was watching and no telling how she might interpret that.

"Well, bye." He backed away and returned to the car. Rachel was driving. She knew where they were going.

"So what do you think? Will they be OK?"

"Yeah, they'll be fine," Gordy nodded. "Just fine."

"Good to know." She zoomed for the freeway then.

Gordy sucked back in his passenger seat and off they went into the city.

"Bella looked really tired." Gordy hated doing this to her. He thought of how she was with Jane when she was a baby. It was all left up to him. At first he thought she was just mad at him, but it was true she would get stressed. Throw her hands up and tell him to do it.

"She'll be all right. Its not like she needs a babysitter, you know." Rachel was in a huff, hurrying quickly to find a parking place.

They got out of the car then, and walked toward the theater.

"Who gave you these tickets, anyway?" He had never been to a playhouse before. Actually, he thought his fifth grade play where he played a tree was the last play he'd ever been too.

"The young adult librarian," she looked at him as if she'd just said duh. "Don't you remember I said he likes acting?"

"I don't think I know him," Gordy said.

"I talk about him every day. Jared." She gave him a cross look, taking his arm.

"I thought that was some geeky kid that you hate so much, the annoying Jared?" Gordy winced as they walked toward the entrance.

"The one and only." She had her bitter look on now.

"Then why did we come?"

"So I could tell him how awful he is to his face," she said.

"You gotta give him a chance," Gordy shook his head as they went on through to find their seats.
"No, he's awful. He really is. Jared got to be Oscar in some college play, the Odd Couple. And he is so not an Oscar. He makes a much better Felix. You'll see. He can only play Felix in everything he does." Rachel told him as he put his arm around her.

"Well, even Felix could probably do Shakespeare." Gordy remained optimistic.

"Don't count on it," she frowned, and up came the lights on the stage.


Anonymous said...

This was a very nice update, I liked it so much.
It even made me realize that Rachel has a bit of an attitude... Gordy has been through a lot, I'm not sure if he deserves someone so bossy and bitter like Rachel...
Well, just my opinion :)

Have a nice week, Cait!

diane said...

I am really starting to like the way Gordy thinks things through, he's such a nice guy. I see no reason why he can't shower with his kid if he wears a bathing suit. Just because it's never been done, is no reason not to do it.
Enjoy your Sunday. xo

Cate said...

With Jane... Yeah, parents often don't even recognize their child's "quirks" anymore.. But after all, Jane is Bella's daughter, too!

Rachel seems to be the jealous type...
And glad Emily is there too. She will take good care of the girls.. Or at least keep them happy.

Gordy played a tree ^^ How cute ^^

Poor Jared. I really don't want to be someone Rachel doesn't like.

simon n josh said...

this was a fun read. Rachel and her drive. Her talk of Jared. & Gordy even getting in trouble with Jane.

ellie said...

Poor Gordy. How does he does he do it. I love him.

Sydney said...


gordy... i love the whole, oscar, felix paragraph.

Ivyoaks said...

Oh so much going Jane..really starting to show her personality.