Friday, January 30, 2009

the norm

Emily wasn't sure why it was her problem, but it was. The livingroom carpet needed to be shampooed.

At least it gave her an excuse not to think about why Archie hadn't called and if she should call or she shouldn't. She'd wanted to ask Casper about this, but it just wasn't possible. It felt wrong talking to her so-called ex about some guy. As it was their lunches were beginning to be bit by bit more awkward. She was at the point wanting to ask why they even had them. She hated to be a terrible person, but she knew it was getting old and now sad that they couldn't even talk to each other like they used to. But if he still wanted to do lunch, she'd be up for it. It was a lot like shampooing the carpet. She had nothing better to do.

Of course, after ten minutes of trying to figure out how the apparatus worked and where the shampoo went in and the water had to go. Then the hose- itself was a peculiar operation of its own.

She started the machine, soap everywhere, but nothing would suck up the soap. Here, she thought she could help Archie clean up his house. She turned it off. She looked to see if something had stopped it up like a toy or some-body's hair. Anything was possible in this house.

Emily turned it back on. Still no sucking. She was about ready to tell her Mom that she was going to have to take this thing in and get it fixed. But then she noticed, a little hatch was open. She shut it. It started working properly.

Emily smiled then. Piece of cake. When was the last time she'd done this? Ages ago, she guessed.

Finally Bella appeared. Saying something.

"What?" Emily instantly lost her smile. It was so hard to be nice to her sister.

"You're going to have to help me," she said.

"Whats happened now?" Emily could only imagine what was wrong. Dinner perhaps, her digital camera maybe.

"You know," she pouted.

"No, I don't." Emily hated it when she had to keep everything a mystery as if she had to read her mind.

"The kids!" She was already high strung about it. Naturally, she made Gib cry.

"I KNOW!" Emily bit right back and went back to her cleaning. "Why do you think I'm doing this? Mom, said it had to be done before they got here and that's like six hours from now.

"Six hours?" Her frantic look even startled Emily. "I have to lay down. Would you watch Gib for me?"

"Sure." Emily went to check on him. By then he'd settled down, and he was watching the mobile of red, blue and yellow soft cars above his bed. She tickled his tummy.

"What are you doing?" she grinned at him and he laughed back, wiggling strong almost touching his socked feet.

She knew he wanted to touch her finger and now she wished she hadn't even touched his stomach. Emily went to wash her hands and came back to play a bit more with him. Of course, he wanted her finger to grab on too.

Emily picked him up then and suddenly remembered a song her mother used to sing to her.

"She wore a Raspberry beret....The kind u find in a second hand store ....Raspberry beret...And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more .....Raspberry beret....I think I love her"


Cate said...

Aw that's a shame that Emily's and Casper's lunches are getting more awkward. I sort of hoped it would be the other way 'round. And she's right, her ex probably wouldn't be delighted if she asked his advice about some guy... It seems odd, but shampooing the carpet sounds like fun.
Emily is so cute with Gibson...

cady x said...

Ha. I still love Bella and Emily's relationship. Emily seems to be good with Gibson. Maybe that's good for her.

diane said...

Good piece of writing! The carpet cleaning thing really made me laugh.
Emily is such a natural with kids, no wonder Bella is asking her for help. Kids always know the difference of when you really want to be with them or when you are just watching them.

ellie said...

I always loved that song. I liked this one.

Raigan said...

you're absolutley brilliant, i really hope you know that

and thanks for the hair advice! Damn i was strongly considering the mohawk!!! :-P