Wednesday, January 28, 2009

its a date

Naturally, just three different black socks of each. That's the way it worked when Fish did the laundry. Bella wouldn't complain. It did no good. Of course, she had other things to worry about than socks.

"Why can't you be here?" She was fretting now about having to watch all the kids while Gordy went to this thing with Rachel. They'd probably have to dress up for it and everything. It just irked her more when she thought about about it. Only she'd been so upbeat when Gordy called to ask if she could look after the girls. Of course, she said yes.

"You know why I can't be here." He was folding towels. "I got to check out equipment and stuff. Do you know how long its been? I miss doing stuff with bands."

"You would," Bella sighed heavily. Of course she was carrying Gib around because he didn't want to be any other place than in her arms. She smiled at him in fear he'd get the notion she was upset then he'd be upset. They had a very close relationship. She didn't even know how it really happened than all those nights she'd spent nursing him early on. He had trained her well. He also had to watch the monologue on Jay Leno every night in Fish's lap before he'd go to sleep lately.

"You'll be just fine." Fish gave her a slight wink. She wasn't sure if that meant something for later or he was just sleepy.

"No, I won't. What if something goes wrong?" She looked at him that she was right about this. She could feel it already. Somebody might choke on a cap of a water bottle. What if Jane decided she hated Lucy and never wanted to have anything to do with her, again. She conjured all sorts of catastrophes in her head.

"Your mother will be. Emily will be here. They'll watch video."

"And they'll get on my nerves." That was it. What if she couldn't help but scream at then. She didn't want to, but it could happen. And it might have nothing to do with them. It could be something her mother said, but she wouldn't say anything back instead she'd take it out on them.

"You're making too much out of it," Fish put his arm around her. "You have to take it one step at a time. Try not to let it get to you. All right?"

"I know. I will. It'll be fine." She closed her eyes. Yes she was making too much out of it.

Gibson held on to a lock of her hair then. She thought he was going to chew on it, but he just rubbed it next to his face.

She looked into his bright blue eyes then. It was like Kal looking up at her. It was really the first time she'd noticed. And she felt sad yet happy about it at the same moment.

"Does he look anything like me at all?" She asked out of the blue.

"I think he looks a lot like Jane," Fish then looked down at him and grinned.

Bella slightly smiled. Fish always had a way of putting a positive perspective on everything.


Cate said...

Cute of Fish to do the laundry. I really like him. He made a nice impression to me, from the beginning, because of his name :)
Bella's a bitch, but she's cute with Gib. Gib is so funny, watching the monologue on Jay Leno :)

diane said...

Bella wouldn't stress so much if she didn't really care. She should plan a few activities for the kids, make ahead some little snacks for them, and just plan on playing with them & having fun. I like Fish, too.

It's snowing here. . . again.

Cait - I think the way you write is really good. The reason I don't read your other blog is because I think it will confuse me, so I made a choice. But your story is like my daily "soap opera", I'm hooked.

fan fic said...

I do feel for Bella. Its tough.

ellie said...

Thanks for your note. Thats so interesting about her actually figuring out how Gib looks like his Dad.

Jack Daniel said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

who are all these people in the pictures?

Psyconym said...

There's a guy called fish at my new karate. Fish is a good name.