Tuesday, January 27, 2009

she liked her best

"Huh." Rachel put her cell away then.

"What?" Gordy was shutting his lap top and getting ready for bed. He yawned.

"Something is going on with Charlotte, I just know it." She started brushing her hair then as she always did before bed. She stretched a bit in her flannel pants and tugged at her white tank top.

"Whats going on now?" Gordy went to brush his teeth.

"I think she has another friend. Might be more than just one." Rachel was sure of it. "She won't tell me a thing."

"Maybe she didn't want to babysit." He came out of the bathroom with the blue mouth wash then went back in to rinse.


"Just give her a break." Gordy sighed turning off the bathroom light. He was just in his flannel pants. He watched Rachel throw a fit with her hair with the hair brush once again. "Stop doing that. If you start losing hair, I'll know why." He went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

She finally put the hair brush down.

"You're getting wired." He brought her a benadryl. "Take this. Its not a sleeping pill but it has just about the same effect and you won't be stuffy in the morning." He yawned.

She hesitated, but took it.

"Its just one night. You'll find something that both of you can do together. Not just her babysitting while we go off to, what was it we were going to do again?" Gordy stared at Rachel.

"A play, I have tickets to this play. Somebody gave them to me at work. They were free." She told him.

"I'm sure Bella could look after the girls. Her mother would be there. Jane would be there. Lucy will be fine."

"But she likes Charlotte best."

"You like Charlotte best when it comes to a babysitter. What about as a friend, huh?" He kissed her forehead then and they got in bed.

Rachel was quiet. They cuddled, but she could tell Gordy was drifting off by the way he was breathing.

"OK, maybe we could ask Charlotte and Rosco over to dinner," Rachel was thinking now.

"That would be good. Maybe a movie." He yawned.

"I wonder who she's going out with?" Rachel whispered.

"Stop it." Gordy whispered back and then he kissed her.


ellie said...

Interesting..what people do before bed. I like Gordy.

Clandestine Heart said...

Uh... when did I post a picture of me in pink? If you're referring to the girl with a pink head scarf, that's my sister. I'm the one in blue...

By the way, I like how the story progresses. Charlotte doesn't seem so nice now.

Ivyoaks said...

Oh, Rachel. It doesn't take much to get her in a tizzy.

cady x said...

I like their relationship.

diane said...

Rachel and Gordy are so sweet together. Maybe I misjudged Rachel. When my kids were small, I lost two good friends to each other. The reason why, we never did anything fun together but they would always do fun stuff together. So, I was just kind of shoved out. Rachel's smart to think of dinner or a movie with her friends but she should drop the wondering about Charlotte's other friends.

Clandestine Heart said...

Thanks for the comment, honey. I hope to see some pictures of, you, too.

I reblogged that post from another blog. I found it rather insightful. There are a lot more products affiliated to Israel, such as Starbucks, Nokia...

I find it hard to believe that people are willing to kill each other. I mean, we're all brothers and sisters - descendents of Adam and Hawa (or in your case, Eve).

P/S: I await your next post. :)