Thursday, January 29, 2009


There were some men in white coats. They might have been doctors. Really, it felt like a clinical setting to Bella..... She was sure they were going to probe her as she sat there in the waiting room. Maybe they'd decide she was crazy. An unfit mother. A tumor in her brain was making her do these things. No, she'd been diabetic. They needed more testing. Possibly she'd had brain damage from low blood sugar. Which was worse, to feel drunk with high blood sugar or all shaky and about to faint with low blood sugar? It was all in the name of science.

And then the doctor, the real one evidently, came to her as she was still in the waiting room. It was the fellow who played Xander in the Buffy TV series. God, she hadn't seen him in ages.

"You're a doctor now?" She was in shock. He looked just like he did when he was on the TV show. The very first season when she fell in love with his character when she was in middle school.

"Why, yes I am," he was all matter of fact, bent down on one knee as if he were going to ask her to marry him. He took both of her hands as if this was serious business. "We want to do an experiment."

She set waiting to find out what it was.

"Rosco, can you give her the news?"

Bella looked back, and there was Rosco all innocent and smiling. "Yeah, they thought it would be really cool if we had a baby."

Bella woke up in a sweat, and then she started to shiver. It was the middle of the night. She got up and went straight to Gib's crib. He was asleep on his back sucking on his fist.

Bella hugged herself, trying to keep herself from shivering, but the goosebumps were already there. She tried her best from keeping her teeth from chattering, but it was hard. Finally after waiting for him to notice that she might be watching, she crept back in bed and wrapped herself around Fish to keep warm who was like a hot potato. Oddly, she thought of a baked potato drenched in butter and sour cream.

It was settled. She needed to stop this vegan thing, and she wanted Fish's baby. She smiled then and drifted off to sleep. Almost. But of course, Gib woke her. It was time to feed him. She supposed.


diane said...

I'm not going to read too much into this dream. But I hate baby dreams, I used to have them all of the time. That was after I was done having kids, and didn't want to get pregnant again. I'd wake up all panicky and still in the grip of the dream, just like Bella.

Cate said...

What a crazy dream. I have crazy dreams all the time, but I don't really think they mean anything. Sometimes they give me ideas of with whom I should talk again, or something, though.

Good idea to stop that vegan thing. I don't think you can live very healthily if you're a vegetarian, let alone vegan.

cady x said...

I found this funny for some reason. Especially the whole baked potato thing.

I'm not sure how I could handle being a vegan. I like chocolate milk too much.

ellie said...

A dream would have to knock some sense in to Bella.

Ivyoaks said...

Thanks for the note. Yeah, this was really interesting about seeing Kal in Gib for the first time.

Cate said...

Oh ya, I get canned tuna. [I like it ^^]. Now I can imagine canned chicken too.