Monday, January 19, 2009

just a dream

Gordy supposed it was settled now with Rachel. Her stuff was here. She knew where everything was. Lucy even had her crib in Jane's room. It was like a real family.

Although, he was pretty sure her mother had her doubts about all of it. Just from the look on her face when Rachel was saying her goodbye to her, he could tell she wanted to say, "We'll see how long this last." Naturally, his mother was questioning him too. "Didn't this come on suddenly?" It hadn't felt like it.

He was pretty sure he'd get the same from Floyd who had decided to drop in since they never got to spend any time together anymore.

"Because of Rachel?" Gordy said as if everyone else seemed to think so.

"No, that's not it." Floyd told him. "Who is she, anyway?" He definitely wasn't keeping tabs on Gordy anymore.

"My girlfriend." Gordy said point blank. He had the kids. She was out doing errands.

"Well, I'd hardly call her a girl," Floyd just smiled as if he had noticed the picture already setting out in the livingroom of the two of them at Christmas. "So how is it?"

"How's what?" He kept looking at Floyd's silly smile. Gordy knew he should have guessed. Gordy cleared his throat then wondering if should confide in someone or not. "Its great."

"Well, tell me more?" Floyd was nursing on a Mountain dew which was a bit strange because he actually liked beer for breakfast.

"I don't know." It got off with Gordy as he went to check on the girls once more. He was so sure they'd guess what they were talking about, and it wasn't Barbie dolls.

"You know you wanna?" Floyd's demented grin was getting to Gordy as if he might play the new Joker in an upcoming Batman movie.

"Its not like that-" Gordy shoved his hands in his jeans and looked at his bare feet.

"It must be something?"

"Well," how was he going to explain it. "She likes having sex in her sleep." Gordy squinted.

"I thought I was the only who liked to do that," Floyd chuckled.

"You can't talk about it to anyone." Gordy stared at his friend.

"Who would I tell?" Floyd drank at his drink.

"You would, and I don't want to find it written on the restroom wall at Smitty's." Gordy shook his head. "It might just happen the one time, anyway, all right." Gordy liked his dry lips.

"So how was it?" Floyd needed details.

"Jesus, never mind." Gordy sighed. "Its just I was in the middle of a Star Wars dream. It was the last thing I ever expected to happen at like four in the morning, but she's just, you know, on top of me and it was like I think I could get used to this. Well, maybe."

"Maybe? Are you kidding me? You are definitely getting some perks here, boy." Floyd was teasing then.

"You can't say anything." Gordy told him.

"I won't."


"Yeah, absolutely."

"Why did I tell you?" Gordy squinted. Rachel would be furious with him, especially since he hadn't even asked if she knew.


ellie said...

Oh Gordy..gordy gordy..hahahaaa..

Anonymous said...

hehe, I missed these funny chats between Gordy and Floyd :D

Ivy said...

Sounds like Rachel is something..even when she sleeps.

Anonymous said...


diane said...

Boys will be boys, but can Gordy handle a real woman?

Cate said...

Hey Cait!
About "a treat with a talk" - Charlotte and Whitney, that's a pair of friends I really like together. I had the feeling that Bella wants to torture Whitney all the time too. I hope I will never lose my girlfriends when I grow up. I hate it that it's always so difficult with taking over boyfriends and stuff.
Whitney is my favourite female character, I love her.

About "just a dream": Lucy and Jane, that's another pair of girlfriends I really like <3
Haha, Floyd's demented grin, that's so funny ^^
Having sex in her sleep? When I was little I thought that was normal, because at school the teachers said "sleep with somebody" ^^

Raigan said...

you're brilliant!!!

the line about barbies was great, i literally laughed out loud.

Not many writers and write humor, but you do very well!