Sunday, January 25, 2009

matter of the mind

If Rosco had it his way, he and Charlotte would have a quickie right after school in his room. But it never worked out that way.

1. she had to walk straight to the elementary school, didn't matter how cold or God awful it was, and look after some kids until about six.

2. he always did his duty at the grocery store, lowering prices on products that needed to move before it was too late.

So usually, it was almost nine before they saw each other, and then she was still in babysitter mode because she'd make sure he got his homework done.

"I'm going to the movies," she announced as if she might be an extra in one.

"You are? When?" Rosco figured it was probably a kid's movie. She usually took them to matinees on Saturday.

"I'm going to a grownup movie with Whitney while you boys are practicing your music tomorrow night," she shrugged. "She's asking that friend of her's, Serena too. I really think Rachel should come with us." She was folding her laundry away that she kept neatly in her back pack as if she might be on the run soon.

"No, you can't ask Rachel." He looked up from his homework.

"Are you still mad at her because, you know, making Gordy talk to you about us and everything?"

"No." He sighed. "It would be bad for Serena if Rachel went."


"Because, Gordy was engaged to Serena."

"Engaged?" She winced rolling up her bikini undies up tight so they wouldn't take any room at all in her backpack.

"Well, they were going to have a baby, but-" he didn't want to bring this up. "Anyway, its over, but I don't think Serena would like it if you invited Rachel."

"Serena?" Charlotte squinted more. "But why does she have to be the one to decide?"

"Charlotte, just don't start, OK." He'd like to get the math problems finished before bed.

"No. See, if you have a friend you are there for them, no matter what."

"Are we talking about Rachel now?" He looked at her thinking this was going to be about as complicated as Algebra before she was finished with her say.

"Maybe." Charlotte shrugged then said. "Yes, I know Rachel and me don't see eye to eye about everything. We argue all the time. Kind of. But we just let it go. Serena needs to let it go."

"I can't believe you said that. Serena is nice. She really is, and you should think about what she's been through, but I just don't think Rachel would be the one to let it go." Rosco told her.

"Really?" This was news to her.

"Look, Whitney was nice enough to ask you to the movie with her and Serena. Don't start being the one to butt in. You should just do something with Rachel sometime, if you want too. Simple as that."

"Yeah, like that's gonna happen. She spends all her time with Gordy." She zipped up her back pack then and put it away.

"That bothers you?"

"No." She shrugged. "She's just in a different time in life than me. Its shocking we're even friends. Honestly, I'm not even sure I'd want half the stuff she keeps going on about. She's all in to redecorating and crap now. I can hardly stand to listen to it. But I bare with it, thinking we'll find something we both like. We used too."

"So maybe its time to move on," Rosco shut his book then. He was done. Or as much as he could stand.

"Move on?" She looked a bit peeved now. "I can't do that. I need my friends, even as impossible as they are. Its all I have."

Rosco just smiled. Deep down, she was an old fashioned girl who really did care, but he wasn't going to tell her so. She would definitely be mad then. No, he would move in for a kiss and hope he got lucky. If he didn't, well, he couldn't help but try.


Cate said...

Well I would find it annoying if I was digging a girl and she would be on a babysitter mode like this ^^ "A grownup movie" - seriously. I was wondering all the time if it was the same Serena that Gordy was engaged to. And yeah.
I wouldn't blame Serena at all for being hurt if Rachel was invited to the movie's night too. Rachel on the other hand, should better be kind to Serena!!! Or keep out of her way.
It's cute the way Rosco loves Charlotte.

ellie said...

They are interesting together. It does get complicated though when your friends can't seem to get together for one thing without their being a conflict.

Laleh n Lauren said...

Friendships have to be nurtured. You can't test them all the time.

diane said...

Rosco really kept his focus with Charlotte, and gave her some good advice. Maybe Charlotte should do a pros and con list to see if her friendship with Rachel is worth keeping. And it would be nice if Rosco surprised Charlotte with some shelves for her stuff, it would show his commitment to the relationship.

Karine said...

I think Rosco is being Reasonable.I mean...The situation is complicated,right^?


Great post!