Monday, January 26, 2009

so much for that

Speak of the devil. Who should call? Rachel.

"Well, of course I'm not in bed yet." Charlotte felt wide awake now wondering if Rachel noticed she was trying to brush her teeth as she stared in the bathroom mirror. She had to think what to say. No. She would not mention the movie. No. She would not mention Serena. After all, Rosco knew best about this. Just keep your mouth shut. You can do that. Yes, you can. You will.

"So whats up?" Rachel sounded sweet as usual. Perhaps more sweet than usual.

"Not much. Same old thing, you know." Charlotte had spit and squished now. She was putting on her regiment of chap-stick and cheap moisturizer.

"Me, too. This is the longest winter ever. Would you want to do something fun tomorrow night?"

"How fun?"

"I need a babysitter."

Charlotte practically bit her tongue then. So that's all she was good for? Rachel paid her enough. Perhaps Rachel was feeling guilty that she wasn't helping good old Charlotte out. Rachel also gave her clothes she didn't like anymore, too.

"Sorry, I can't."

"Why not?" She could tell Rachel was counting on her.

"I have plans." She hated to lie. It was the truth. Actually.


"Yeah, I'm busy." Charlotte didn't mean to be cold. She knew how sensitive Rachel could get, but she had to leave it at that before Rachel made anything more about it.


Charlotte turned off the bathroom light then stepped across the hall to Rosco's room. She knew he was waiting for something more than a good night kiss.

"I'll talk to you soon. OK?" That was as good as she could give. She slapped her cell phone, before Rachel had a chance to start another conversation, and slid the phone on the night stand, turned off the lamp, crawled between the flannel sheets and just hoped Rosco had warmed them up enough.


Cate said...

I often do this when I telephone with blabbermouths who only want to talk and don't expect no response - I brush my teeth or eat or something ^^
Rachel is sort of the Mother Teresa for Charlotte - gives her work, clothes.. But that's also a bit superior behaviour, isn't it?
Charlotte and Rschel are both a bit difficult characters, at least that's my impression..

diane said...

Charlotte was right to follow Roscoe's advice; Rachel may have been using the babysitting to fish out what Charlotte was up to. Either way, it was better of her to keep it brief.

ellie said...

That must be tough for Charlotte. It was sort of sad to read that. Like on one hand Rachel is helping her..yet its always handmedowns and babysitting.

Sydney said...

poor charlotte...

rachel, you made me mad with this phone cal..