Thursday, February 12, 2009

a milestone

Gordy was pretty happy for Rachel.

"I just wish you'd told me, about this Jared." He didn't understand why she hadn't.

"Because, you would have thought it was all in my head," Rachel said while they were making dinner. He was peeling potatoes while she was seasoning chicken to broil.

"Why would you say that?" Gordy shrugged.

"You would have, you just would," she shook her head, no. "You think I'm the type who interprets everything thing the wrong way. Like, maybe I think every guy wants me, or something."

"I never thought that." Gordy hoped this wasn't a trick. It felt impossible to say the right thing. "Of course, I think, guys find you attractive. Its just I hoped you'd let me know if someone was making you feel uncomfortable, you know."

"All right, I will." She sighed.

He got the potatoes on then.

"But that's behind you now. Now you are just amazing, you know that." He came up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the side of her face. "Perhaps we should get you that touch iPod now." He couldn't exactly afford the phone, but there were plenty of cool features on the iPod.

"I don't need that." She told him. "Save your money."

Gordy never thought he'd hear such words. Somehow, he loved her more, but he still thought he should get Rachel something.


diane said...

An open heart necklace by Jane Seymour might be nice. Oh, look at that, they're on sale right now.

Hey Cait, how's it going? It's so windy here, I thought my roof would blow off the house.

Cate said...

So sweet. I wonder if Rachel said that part about every guy wanting her to trick Gordy... Ah well. That's not important right now, isn't it? :-)
I'm sure Gordy will come up with something to give Rachel. They make me happy.

ellie said...

I like that they can talk like they do. They are like a team...and I think you need to be that in a relationship.

Karine said...

Gordy is soooo sweet!!

I love how he treats her!


Thanks for your comments!



Arreles said...

I've got part of it written up, sorry it's taking so long. >.<

Arreles said...

I've got the new part up now. =3 I'm gonna try and work ahead some in school so I can write more.