Wednesday, March 11, 2009

after shock

Well, if that didn't take the cake.

Bella stayed in her room the rest of the evening nursing her ego, Emily presumed.

Of course, there was plenty of cake left over and Emily packed away several squares for anyone who'd take any. Even Gordy and Jane.

"I'm glad you guys came," Emily was still in her hostess mode. Evidently, someone had to be. It hadn't been a real surprise party, but still her mom had plenty of friends over and lots of cards, even presents. It was a sweet occasion. She'd heard plenty of her Mom's girlfriends making plans to take her out or perhaps a movie and even a flee market trip in the spring. And still after it was over, there remained her and Archie and Gordy and Jane.

"Do you think everything is all right?" Gordy wondered.

"Well, she didn't go running out of here." Emily just shrugged as she took duties over with Gib.

"What about Fish?" Archie looked at them. "I never seen him quite like that. I mean, not that I know him all that well, but he's so laid back."

"Bella is her usual self." Emily couldn't think of anything else to say about that. At least Gib would take a bottle.

"I was just hoping Jane could see B, you know." Gordy looked a bit odd, like perhaps not all was right with the world with him and Jane.

"What happened?" Emily looked at Jane who was her typical self. She did her little tricks on anyone who would notice her.

"Its hard to explain. I think she might be going through something. I'm not sure. I mean, she's fine, but I think she needs to spend more time with B." Gordy sounded a little uncomfortable about it. "I was afraid of this. I was. But that was before, when B was a way. And now, that she's back. I thought they'd be closer, but-"

"Jane's really been congenial through all of this. She's not at all like Bella," Emily smiled. "She's like you. She's not going to let one little thing ruin everything for her. She thinks the best in people. She does. I can already see that." Of course, Emily wasn't sure where she was going with this. "Do you want me talk to Jane?"

"No, I'd rather you talk to B." Gordy told her. "Look, we gotta go. Its way past Jane's bedtime." He picked up Jane then. Naturally, she had to kiss Emily and Archie goodbye. She gave them each a small kiss on the cheek.

"I want to kiss Mommy." She told him.

"But she's asleep." Gordy just said.

"No she isn't." She was being sassy with him. Emily got the impression that Jane might have been the hardest on Gordy and no one would every really know that. At least she didn't fight him.

"Maybe you can see her tomorrow." Gordy went on his way.

"Does Bella know she's like that?" Archie took Gib from her and burped him on his shoulder.

"No." Emily sighed. "She doesn't care." Emily went to clean up more. At least her Mom had gone out with a few friends for a drink and didn't have to be around to clean up the mess.

"Well, maybe she does, but she's just, well, can't comprehend it right now, you know." Archie told her.

"Oh, be on her side, won't you? She has feelings for no one, but herself. She doesn't care how Gordy has had to be a Mom and a Dad to Jane. There was a time, I thought, well, let me do it. I would have taken Bella's place in a second." As she said this she wished she hadn't. Archie might take it the wrong way. "But I'm just her Aunt. That's all I'll ever be. I know that now." She stuffed paper cups and plates in to a trash bag and put all the recyclables in another.

Emily looked at Archie and Gib. She wondered just where Gibson would sleep tonight. Hopefully, not between her and Archie.


Alayna Whisper said...

Reminds me of some people I know. haha

Cate said...

Hey Cait...
Now starting to catch up on my days of absence.

Wow, I'm confused about this student teaching of Fish's? Didn't he accept the job? But it seemed a really wonderful, awesome, great opportunity! I think I can understand why he was keeping it from Bella. She would probably put loads of pressure on him.
But I can understand too why it bothers Bella that Fish was a stoner. I hope they both get jobs.
I re-read the two chapters about Fish... I love the chapter where Fish and Bella met. And the title "everyone needs a Fish". I saw I commented that I loved the character Fish, and I still do. And It only comes to my mind now that a fish is really an animal ^^
And Jane is a really cool kid too. Archie's talked to Gordy already! I always love it when new characters meet.

HOORAY! Another person who feels like me and dislikes Twilight! Bonus points to Charlotte for that one.

I have to go to lunch now, so bye for now! :-)

diane said...

Bella is so lucky to be surrounded by family that really loves her. She needs to grow up. I'm really liking Emily more and more. If Emily's not careful, she could become the family "whipping boy".

I still have my cold, darn. It's better, but still there.

dapper kid said...

It was nice of Emily to step up here and just continue to work it with everyone.

ellie said...

I think emily is growing up.

simon n josh said...

Always looking out for Bella. I guess.

the oaks said...

I do wonder how Jane treats Gordy. Rachel may have more influence than she knows.