Thursday, March 12, 2009

there and back again

Fish just stared at the computer screen, thinking his vision might blur. He had on his glasses.

Suddenly, he found himself putting a resume together. He looked back at Bella in the dark. She was asleep in bed.

Really, she was expecting her Prince Charming, now wasn't she?

Fish looked a bit like a blow fish as he made a face, holding air in his mouth and letting it out slowly as he studied the words. Would it be enough? Really? He was going to send in this resume to the school tonight or else.

He'd taken all the standardized test needed in teaching. His Mom had made sure of it. Just so you'd have more opportunities if you moved to different states, she'd assured him. He hadn't expected too. Really, it has been quite awesome in his little humble abode. He liked the non-stress world he'd lead. And now, he thought it would all blow up in his face like a mine field of some sort. He was already in a sweat thinking how his interview would go. Would it be worth it?

Yes, he knew how to play every instrument, and very well, too. There had been awards given out, and he had them to prove it. But he liked those opportunities where kids came to him, wanting to learn to play the guitar or the drums, not being in a forced environment where they could care less if they learned the tuba or not. This would be a challenge. And really, he felt sad about it.

He looked over the resume and then the application one more time. This was as good as it was going to get. Fish pressed send.

It was time to get Gib. He knew Emily and Archie were due some time, alone.


O.Hoch said...

i can understand his predicament - I was NOT a fan of school mandated instruments as a kid, but when I hit my teenage years I picked up the guitar and the bass and then a few years later started picking up piano and synthesizers.

It IS alot more fun to learn something you WANT to learn instead of something you're forced! :)

Cate said...

I didn't know Fish wore glasses! That doesn't fit his usual self, somehow... It looks like it's a sign of determination to get a job, now ^^
Bella is expecting... So much. It's impossible to fulfill all her expectations.. I think she has to learn to live with what she's got, and at the same time make the best of what she's got instead of expecting impossible things.
Haha, I laughed so much at the Fish/blow fish thing. My brother made that blow fish face once too, and my dad laughed for about five minutes.
I do think the job interview will be worth it for Fish. I have thought about becoming a teacher myself, but nah... I don't think it would be right for me. I do think Fish would be an awesome and popular teacher though.

the oaks said...

Oh, Fish...I think he loves B more than she'll ever know.

dapper kid said...

Woah this is a side of Fish I would never have guessed, it was so sweet :)

ellie said...

Oh, Fish, the things he does for her.

Psyconym said...

Thanks!! I am send you soem positive thoughts right back!!! I had tomato flavoured waffles with soya shaped as chicken nuggets and burnt rice (don't ask) fun, fun!

How's life in your neck of the woods?


diane said...

I think Fish would make a great teacher, but he's probably going to have to fight from time to time to do things his way. I'm so distracted by the "tomatoes with soya shaped as chicken nuggets", I can't think of anything else now (haha).

We're going down to 12 degrees tonight, come on spring!