Tuesday, March 3, 2009

all for one

Rachel could sense something was in the air. Her headache was getting worse. Perhaps she was just down for various reasons. Gordy and the showers. Did he think she was a bad parent? He'd never said so before.

Rachel tried not to think about it as she had both girls, one on each side of her, looking through a picture book. She let Jane tell the story and then Lucy would do her best to repeat the story.

Really, her head was throbbing. She might be coming down with something. She just didn't know what. Hopefully, it was just the weather and nothing else. It couldn't be anything else, could it?

Rachel kept smiling as she listened to Jane talk about the picture.

"And then you'll have me and Lucy a baby brother and you can get married." Jane clapped her hands after that.

Rachel let the words sink in. She winced then. Suddenly a chill hit her.

"Jane? That-that's not the story." Rachel tried to laugh.

"But its our story." She grinned with a nod.

"Its your story."

"Daddy's gonna have a baby." Jane sounded so certain.

Rachel finally took notice of all of Jane's pictures on the coffee table. She had stick babies inside the Daddy's stomach and the Mommy's stomach.

"What is this?" Rachel could barely speak. Her head was pounding.

"Lots of babies." Jane clapped. Lucy did too with agreement.

Rachel hugged herself then as she stared at the pictures. It felt like a bad case of voodoo then. Rachel hurried to the bathroom to throw up.


happyian said...

that is.... weird

diane said...

I can sooooo relate to this:
After I had my children, I had baby nightmares for the longest time. Not that I don't love my kids, they're great. I just really didn't want to sacrifice myself again that way, because that is the way it felt, like sacrifice.

What I don't understand Cait is -
where do you get your wisdom from at such a young age? Time and time again you write about things with exceptional comprehension. xo

Alayna Whisper said...

haha! Oh wow. Poor Rachel.

ellie said...

Its amazing what kids come up with. I love jane.

Ivyoaks said...

This was something I hadn't thought of. Oh dear. I love Jane's story.

cady x said...

Makes me think of a little boy I talked to once when I was working somewhere. His mother had been pregnant, and he was sure he was, too . . . maybe his dad was, since he'd gained a lot of wait.
Gotta love kids.

cady x said...

I like that idea. A lot, actually.

What also could be fun would be like a mash-up of all our characters . . . interacting with each other. Probably get crazy.