Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in the midst of the storm

There was a crash of thunder.

Bella was still in bed. Gib was sleeping right through it. With all the commotion, Bella had a sudden urge to be in Fish's arms. It was cold again, and he was the hottest thing around.

She edged up to his naked body as if she needed him to protect her. Sure, it was silly but so real.

Bella had just woke from a dream that she'd been chasing a baby through the grass and it was a little girl who decided to slip under the roots of a tree, but Bella couldn't get her out.

She'd awoken in tears, feeling so badly she couldn't get the child out. It was as if the tree had swallowed her whole. It had been a rather disturbing dream. Now her teeth chattered so as she clung on to Fish as if he were going to make it better, but he was very much asleep even if he hugged her up and wound one leg around her.

"Fish." It was a little too much. This felt clingy. Perhaps too much of a good thing. Now she felt as if she'd been swallowed by the tree. Yet at the same time, he was the essence of sex. Sweet and warm like pancake syrup.

Just then it sounded like hail hitting the roof. Ice pellets of some kind.

Fish stirred a little.

"What?" He sort of muttered. He kissed her mouth then that was full of sleep and bad breath. It was a potent kiss. Bella felt a bit over whelmed, so tight in his grasp. But he kissed her more, his fingers seem to be on a natural course of some kind.

He made love to her with his eyes closed.

And she wondered where he was in all of this. She didn't really want to know. Perhaps it was like a fairytale of some kind. Something unknown. So unexpected that it made her heave and sigh almost with so much joy. She didn't know it was still possible.

Was that a moan she heard. Her slight moan. It was as if Bella had finally awoke as she stared up at the ceiling. It was still raining. A gentle rain now and the clouds stirred quietly. There was a storm somewhere, but it had passed here.


happyian said...

That was a killer last line


Anonymous said...

u agree great last line. That dream bella had was pretty disturbing...

diane said...

Bella's feeling her own mortality, and her own shortcomings along with it. This is a natural part of motherhood, and should strengthen her bond with Gib. Maybe she's afraid that if she has a baby with Fish (the tree), she couldn't love the baby as much as she loves Gib. Isn't it funny, how lying next to the sleeping man you love can be so comforting, more that anything they do when they're awake. xo

dapper kid said...

Hmmm I wonder the meaning of her dream was, rather unsettling!

Occupied Funk... said...

Your artistic vision is excellent. What next?

the oaks said...

So intense. A storm like that would scare me..especially, with that dream.

simon n josh said...

scary. that dream was wild..and then...well, hmmm. I wonder if Fish remembers this happening?

Alayna Whisper said...

Dreams are incredibly scarry...occasionally good, but mostly bizarre.

ellie said...

wow..that was something. Yeah, I liked that last line too.

cady x said...

Interesting dream. I'd probably lie there for a while and try to figure it out if it were me.

Thanks for the notes.