Thursday, March 5, 2009

early to rise

Possibly, all there was to it was the fact that Charlotte had a very old soul. Or so it seemed to Rosco as he dragged himself to get ready for school while Charlotte, so awake brought him a cup of coffee in her camisole and undies.

"You should go to bed earlier." She informed him.

"You don't say? Why is that? You'd be up late still, you never sleep enough." This was true. She could stay up in the wee hours of morning.

"You need more sleep than I do." There, wasn't that good enough. "Don't you dare go on to say I need to be seen about."

"I never said you were mental," Rosco yawned, drinking the coffee then. It was black with just a bit of milk. His favorite. "So you start your job today."

"Yeah," Charlotte didn't sound excited. "I go straight there from school. I hope I won't make the Hardings mad about the sudden change. Dunno who they'll have to pick Charlie up after school."

"Its not your problem anymore." Rosco shrugged getting into his long sleeve T then.

"But I miss him, already," she sighed. "I should have made some time to see him, you know."

"You will," Rosco nodded. "Oh yeah," Rosco remembered. "Did you really mean to put so much money on that Baker's card?" His Mom was concerned. She really didn't think Charlotte owed them that much. Afterall, Charlotte didn't consume that much.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Charlotte looked concerned.

"Nothing, Mom didn't know what to think, she wants the two of you to do something together."

"The two of us?" Charlotte scowled as if that would be horrifying.

"Maybe she wants to take you out, you know." Rosco smiled. "Would that be so bad?" He finished getting ready. She pulled on her jeans and sweaters. They knew the drill. Funny, how they seem to get to school on time when they were together. Rosco still couldn't believe it.


Cate said...

Hey Cait! :) Sorry I haven't been around, but there's been another wave of depression :(

If I was Emily, I wouldn't go to the office asking for my mother either... Even though I'm not embarrassed for my mother or anything (It's her birthday today, by the way), it would be a bit embarrassing if my mother worked at the same school i went to. And WOWWWW! Archie is serious about engagement rings!!! OMG.

OMG, Rachel does get really worked up about Gordy and the showers. OMG, it was a bit scary too about Jane and the pictures of all the babies, especially with the description of Rachel's throbbing head it had a really... menacing air ^^

The chapter with Bella and Fish also had a kind of menacing feel... I think that's a really good effect you're creating! That was, writing-style, one of my favourite chapters!

Charlotte does seem to have an old soul. It's funny how they live together like an old couple even if they haven't even left school! I would be scared of that meeting with Rosco's mum too :P

diane said...

Creative types often times don't require more than 4-6 hours sleep a night.

It's o.k. for Charlotte not to want to get "chummy" with Rosco's mum. Probably a good idea to accept the luncheon invitation, but keep it from getting too personal. Anytime she feels uncomfortable with a question, because Rosco's mum is sure to have some, she can just ask "Why do you want to know?".

dapper kid said...

I could so not survive on little sleep, I always go to bed early! And I do wonder how work is going to be for her. Hmm and doing something with Rosco's mother sounds rather daunting.

ellie said...

I don't know why, but some song of the shins comes to mind when I read this. Truly, they seem to be quite set in their ways. Already. Sweet.

Ivyoaks said...

I wonder how this will work out for Charlotte.

Lonnie said...

Oh, I like them together. I really do.