Sunday, March 29, 2009

how about that

Archie felt more comfortable outside. Even if it was cold. Even if the brunt of the storm had passed them up. At least there hadn't been any horrible weather as of yet.

He saw lightening a few miles away. He guessed it could have been closer, but he didn't go in. Oddly, it felt nice to be out on the back porch just sitting there on the steps. There was something amazing about nature. It made him smile, thinking of its strength and unpredictability.

Just then in the dark he saw an amber floating. And as it came into the light, he saw it was Fish smoking a cigarette.

"Where you been, man?" Archie got up then. "Bella's freaking out, you know."

"Is she?" He took a draw from his cigarette and lightly smiled.

"What? You knew that was going to happen?" Archie was hoping he'd share his secrets for the ins and outs of a relationship, and yet he couldn't come out and ask.

Fish shook his head, no, stomping his cigarette out on the damp sidewalk.

"She gets a little cranky from time to time." He shrugged.

"Why is that?" Archie thought she was just being Bella.

Fish yawned and scratched the back of his neck. "Probably missed her period or something."

"Wait, what are you saying?" Archie winced. "How do you know these things?"

"Luck, I guess. Not that its gotten me, anywhere." He shrugged again.

"So? You gonna even tell her what you think?" Archie kind of smiled.

"Hell, no." Fish squinted. He opened the back door then. "She likes to be the one who knows everything."

Archie just smiled and followed him in. He'd do his best to keep his mouth shut, but he was terrible at keeping secrets.


ellie said...

Fish always has some great lines.

diane said...

Nice moment there.

I'm just waking up. Haven't even had my coffee yet. xo

simon n josh said...

oh Fish..gotta love him.

the oaks said...

I got tickled at Archie, too.