Monday, March 30, 2009

in the dark

When the lights went out, it was pitch black.

Gordy heard Rachel sigh as if something might have got her. It was him.

"Its all right." He hugged her tight. He felt a bit of a fright himself.

She let out another sigh.

Not a street light was on. Nothing. The phone made a strange beep and then that went dead too.

"You think they're OK?" Rachel meant the girls.

"I'm sure they are sleeping through the whole thing." Gordy told her. "Its way after midnight."

"I want them with us." Rachel informed him.

"Fine." Gordy sighed and reached for his flashlight in the dark. After a couple of moments at pawing things and the electric curlers almost hitting his toe, he found it and switched it on. He put the light under his chin. "Feel better now?"

"Just get them. Now." Rachel ordered. She was going with him too. He knew she wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course, the girls were so sacked out that they didn't even budge when they were picked up.

"I hate the thought of them not waking up," Rachel frowned. "You know, you hear about intruders stealing children. It could really happen."

"Rach, the power went out. Stop thinking about kidnappings." Gordy told her. They were safe after all in their bed. They put the girls in between them. Of course, neither of them had hardly an inch to spare on the bed now. But Gordy cut the flash light.

He laid there staring into darkness. Finally, a shock of another child coming set in. His fears and dreams danced about in his head. He was happy yet sad at the same time. He couldn't help but be a little nervous, and yet he had to remain strong. It was expected.

"You know," he finally said in the dark. "We have to get a bigger bed. That's all there is to it."


diane said...

Yea! A family bed. Did you know that something like 90% of American families have a family bed, in addition to their kids having their own of course.
Rachel should not dwell on the "what if" stuff. Believe me, if anything bad ever would happen, she would deal with it then.

We had a bad storm last night, pounding rain and hail. I was at work. So, I called home and everyone was o.k., and the roof was fine, haha.

dapper kid said...

Eeek power outages are never fun, it is kinda scary. And I do hope they can cope well in light of things :)

fan fic said...

Got to think positive.

Rising from my Ashes said...

when will the lights come back on? I am a little bit nervous too! More more ..can't wait to read what happens next

ellie said...

Oh..nothing like having the lights out. Possibly like Earth hour.

Anonymous said...

That's sweet of Rachel to worry about the girls, but maybe she was a little too nervous ^^ I thought it was so cute though.

And may I add: nice new header you got there! :)

How have you been doing?
Right now I can't talk, I completely lost my voice. It had never happened before. It's so strange.
Plus my throat aches, my cough doesn't help and I have a bit of a fever.
Right in the begining of Spring Break, how delighful. Not.