Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the long way home

Rosco awoke to the bright lights of his bedroom still on. What was going on? He squinted hard. He looked at his cell phone clock. It was 4 in the morning.

He yawned. He bet Charlotte had something to do with this. She was probably still up when the power went out and turned on their light to just see if the power was out and didn't turn it back off.

"Great." He said with yet another yawn.

"What?" He thought she said, but she might have been fussing with someone in her sleep.

Rosco got up and turned off the light and crawled back under the warm covers. The heat was now back on. Evidently, the storm had brought a cold front. Winter was back. He supposed it hadn't actually left.

He shivered then, hugging up to Charlotte even if she might not want it. He did. He wanted to go back to sleep. The wind had kept him up earlier. He had dreams about being on an old pirate ship and everyone talking in their pirate voices. It was quite silly now when he thought about it. Yet a bit of him wished he was back in that dream instead of thinking about how in the world was he ever going to get Charlotte to drive. She was hyped and yet, he'd mention things like taking the car for a spin and she'd freeze up.

"Maybe we can go for a really long drive this weekend and we can have a picnic." It sounded so playful and very independent, but then she'd say, "No, no, you should drive. You know where to go."

But he knew the best way for her to learn was to take a road trip. He was sure he had his work cut out for him.


cait said...

Diane..I tried to get to your blog yesterday but I kept getting kicked off. Not sure why.

I hope you all have survived the storm & now have warmer weather..unlike here. Colder with snow in the forecast. Thanks so much for the note about the "family bed". I liked it so much.

diane said...

Being verification box challenged myself, I can't fuss about you not being able to access my blog for one day. Try it again.

I love the idea of Rosco teaching Charlotte how to drive out in the middle of a field somewhere. That sounds so fun and romantic to me.

I've been cat sitting for 6 months, and now my neighbor is back. He's a little emotional because now his cat LOVES me but wouldn't come to him. Awwww. These things take time.

cait said...

Darn..I keep getting operation abort when I go there. Don't know what's up. I had a counter that did that to my site for a bit. It'll possibly clear up on its own.

I love your cat story. I have cats. And one can't get enough of my twilight tote bag. She's got hair all over it.

dapper kid said...

I suppose dreams are one of the few places where we can truly escape everything. But I think getting Charlotte to drive should be pretty fun!

Ivyoaks said...

good luck rosco