Friday, March 13, 2009

the rules and regulations

"So has this Parker fellow ever came on to you?" Charlotte brought it up with Rachel who was going over Charlotte's crazy schedule until school was out. Rachel was more worried about not seeing Charlotte enough and then even more worried about her being trained at circulation which had to be done this week.

"Who?" The name meant nothing to her. "Just don't let him get to you. Is all I can say. If you have a problem, go to circ about it. There are some crazies here." She pushed back in her computer chair. She was trying to show Charlotte how to create records for the young adult paperbacks. "Now tonight, they'll want you at circ between five and seven. Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Charlotte just shrugged.

"You'd know this guy if you saw him. You can't miss him. He has such startling eyes."

"Are you saying you'd sleep with him?" Rachel looked at her.

Charlotte almost choked on her gum then.

"What did I say about chewing gum in the library?" Rachel made her spit it out immediately in the trash can.

"Rachel, I'm not going to sleep with anyone." Charlotte winced. "I have a boyfriend, you know. And we are very happy."

"You better be." Rachel gave Charlotte a hard stare.

"Its just, Parker, is a little annoying. I don't know if I could handle it, again. If I have to put up with that tonight. He's so boring." Charlotte told her.

"I thought you liked him?"

"No. I dunno. I think something is just odd about him, you know."

"Can we stop talking about this Bark-guy."


"See, you still remember his name?" Rachel wondered what else Charlotte was doing when she wasn't here.


diane said...

Helloooo Rachel, what business is it of hers to start acting like Charlott'e mom? That's a little borderline obsessive behavior going on there.

Cate said...

Wow, Charlotte does have a crazy schedule, what with working at the library AND going to school! School is pretty time-consuming.
Rachel seems more like Charlotte's mother than her friend.
I would have been shocked too if I was Charlotte. Only because someone has pretty eyes it doesn't mean you automatically want to sleep with him! Although Charlotte did seem bedazzled. But I don't think she would cheat on Rosco.
I wonder if Rachel knows Parker. Well, you as the narrator said that the name meant nothing to her, so I guess I have to believe it ^^
Rachel is overdoing it, I think. Of course Charlotte remembers his name. I think Charlotte senses he could get dangerous, otherwise she wouldn't try to avoid him...

the oaks said...

Rachel certainly takes being the boss seriously. Evidently.

just a moment said...

Oh what team. I guess. But you can see who's boss.

dapper kid said...

Oh dear, this work thing make not go as Charlotte expected it to! I'm oddly looking forward to hearing more on Parker.

ellie said...

hmmm...i hope they can work together.

elliestories said...

That Rachel .... laying down the law.