Thursday, April 2, 2009

all that matters

Bella squealed with delight after she got off the phone with the school. They'd set up an interview for Fish. She thought she might collapse at the thought of him actually teaching. It could happen, couldn't it? They sounded eager to meet with him. They'd even told her they were rather impressed with his resume and all his awards.

"Awards?" She squinted. She didn't know about any awards. Where had he put them? Why didn't he tell her? She instantly felt happy yet sad. They were talking about someone she'd never met. And she was married to him.

Granted, she'd played it rather cool when he walked in that night with the storm brewing and all. She couldn't let him know she was really worried. She just couldn't. She had to act like she didn't give a damn.

Now she wanted to throw him a party, but not yet. He had to get the job first.

Suddenly, she found herself praying. Possibly not sure who she was praying to. OK, God, she was praying to God, the big fat tree outside, anyone and anything who might could make this come true.

The phone rang again, and she was sure the school was calling to tell her they'd made a mistake. There had been a mix up. It wasn't Fish who got the awards. She could just hear them telling her he didn't have a chance in hell. Bella finally picked up the phone.

It was the doctor's office.

"Just a reminder of the follow up you need."

Bella sighed, grimacing more. She didn't know how she was going to pay for this. Maybe she'd have to go somewhere else. She didn't want to listen to the nurse.

"We need to set you up with the tests that need to be run for your high risk pregnancy."

"Could I have that done at the planned parenthood?" She found herself saying.

"But your Mom always comes here. You had your baby with one of our doctors." The nurse told her. Bella didn't have time for a paperwork trail. She was pretty sure this nurse didn't know how poor she was and in the next breath she would ask her if she'd considered an abortion. More stuff she didn't want to hear.

She got out her blood test computer then. It had been forever since she'd pricked herself for such matters, but she guessed she'd have start doing this on her own and hope they got insurance soon.


diane said...

Bella qualifies for financial aid. I want to go after that nurse with a bat.

Ivyoaks said...

you get her, Di!

Hopefully, Bella will actually talk to Fish .. soon.

ellie said...

I've often wondered if she was really taking care of herself.