Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a lot like lavender

What was she trying to get away from? Really? Funny, Kat wasn't thinking about Emily so much, but herself.

"You would really want me to come?" There was laughter in Kat's voice. She just didn't see it. "Me, of all people?" She was getting nervous now. She would say the wrong thing. Next thing she'd know, Emily wouldn't be speaking to her. It had happened. Of course, she wasn't going to remind Emily of this. She knew Emily thought she was hard on her. Well, it worked both ways. Like, sometimes, lavender gave her a headache. At first it was soothing.. just a little and then overkill, and she had a horrible headache.

She thought this might happen with Parker, as well. If he didn't shut up, he might give her a stifling headache. But enough of that. She was making progress with Emily. Planning this trip to Omaha.

"We could use some people, you know, you could bring someone, Mom." Emily said.

"What kind of hint is that?" Kat squinted.

"Oh, I don't know, could be-" Emily left it to her to fill in the blank.

"I won't ask your sister."

"God, no." Emily pulled a face as if that was the worst idea ever.

"And Fish needs some time to get ready for this interview." She nodded.

"Perhaps Rosco and his girlfriend would go." Emily said aloud as if it were quite silly.

"I dunno. It doesn't sound like them. Taking a roadtrip." Kat shook her head. It was a pity that all Emily had to count on were ex's. Well, at least she got along with them, Kat thought. "You could ask."

"I think I'll do that." Emily smiled as if was a great idea.

"Sure, honey, why don't you." She was doing her best to get along with everyone. Perhaps one could still learn from behavior.

Kat decided she'd sit down at the kitchen table then and start making a list of all the things they'd need for this little trip. Snacks. Drinks. Her credit card. Couldn't forget that one.


Shadow Gunslinger said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I haven't been able to keep up with your story lately due to projects, extra classes and tuition, so I'm a bit lost right now. I'll try to catch up during the weekend soon. Oh, and I was kind of wondering, what happened to Casper?

diane said...

Poor Kat, skating on thin ice. One thing I've learned is: You can't be afraid of the fight. And by that I mean, don't let that stop you from being who you are and demanding respect. It's a tough road sometimes, but if you aren't free to be yourself, you aren't free. xo

ellie said...

I think it would be hard to be their Mom.

raspberry said...

I like it so much that you're including Kat in the story.
And I just LOVED the lavender reference, it just seemed so natural.
Hope everything turns out okay.

How are things over there?