Monday, April 6, 2009

the on going battle

The good thing was Charlotte at least had her permit. It looked as if the last two weeks in April would be her time for Driver's ed. But meanwhile, Charlotte needed a lot of practice driving. Something Charlotte hadn't exactly tried yet.

"Well, if we take a drive, a long drive, somewhere, that would help." Rosco talked it over with his mother at dinner one night.

"She'll need an adult in the car." His mother wasn't going to take a chance on a joyride of some sort.

"Thanks Mom for making me feel like a baby." Rosco didn't like his mother's words.

"Well, its true. You are just seventeen."

"18 this month, Mom." Rosco scowled.

"No, she's gonna need more than you in the car with her. I don't want you nor her getting in trouble." His mom told him. So much for a romantic trip. Of course, Rosco was pretty sure it would be more of a screaming match, anyway, before it was over.

Rosco was beginning to think this was a lot like getting the French windows done in the diningroom. They hadn't been put in, either, they were just next to the patio door. Still. Was procrastination just in their blood?

All it took was that one person to get things going. And then his mother to poo the idea.


diane said...

Maybe they should just hire a driving instructor and be done with it. My dad tried to teach me how to drive, once. After that, my mom hired Sandy Tepper from the Renault Racing Team to teach me how to drive. It was a blast.

Anonymous said...

i like the second to last paragraph. I don't really know why but that stood out to me. Keep writing:)

ellie said...

Sounds a lot like the way my house is..hahahhaa..we are great procrasinators, too.

Ivyoaks said...

Hopefully, Rosco or Charlotte will think of something. I'm not sure they really want to go driving with his mom.

Psyconym said...

We have beautiful sun shine in the Uk. Nothing to moan about which is phasin the English people. What do we talk about all day if the weather is not bad?? Good to hear from you honey. Take care.