Monday, May 18, 2009

all together now

Parker was thinking perhaps he should back out of the room and possibly come through the kitchen door, but he didn't. No, he'd be brave. He would stay the course. Of course, he didn't know what course that might be as he mingled. Smiled. Chatted up about the weather. Anything really. Anything other than why he was here. as he kept looking at Kat across the room.

"Just call Emily, will you?" Kat signaled.

"Me?" Immediately, he was puzzled. He didn't even know her phone number. He was snagged by an old woman then who was rather charming with a man who was just as charming. They were like a matched set on the sofa.

"Oh, you must be Emily's boyfriend." She was all grins, hugging his arm. There was no escaping.

"Uh," all he could do was clear his throat and sit with her for a while. She told him about how fat she used to be. "How does she look now?"

"Great." He shrugged. "A lot like her mother, don't you think?"

"You are a charmer, my dear boy." She pinched his cheek then, and it was quite painful. He had to get away. He thanked her for no apparent reason and escaped to the kitchen to look for Emily's number that he hoped was close to the house phone.

Finally, he found it scribbled near the phone on the wall. He dialed, looking around as if this was more of a spy mission than anything else.

He got the dreaded 'hullo' as if she knew who this was and didn't need to be bothered.

"Emily," he smiled as if he was happy to hear her voice as if someone might notice. "Guess what?"

"Who is this?"

"You've got company. They're just dying to see you." He sighed, thinking perhaps it was Kat who was dying out there among the crowd, and he wasn't sure just how he could save her.


"I don't know how you did it, but you've got a crowd in the living-room, waiting to see you so you better buckle up and motor over her. Now."

She hung up on him then.

"Well, thanks, I love you too." He cynically hung up then and turned to see some blond staring at him who was apparently, Kat's sister.


ellie said...

guess what...I liked that line.

sid and violet said...

hahaahaa..funny how Parker talks to Emily. Kind of a sticky situation, huh?

Anonymous said...

haha i loved the last part:)

Anonymous said...

thanks, I needed to find someone who look like a tortured artist who needed an awakening.