Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it could happen

Honestly, Bella could barely contain herself. So much was happening, something was sure to spoil it. First the baby, then the house, now this. Somone was interested in her hats. Her boss, back where she worked at the vintage shop in Austin had e-mailed her about the crochet hats.

I think I can sale these at $175 a pop.

Bella almost passed out. Was she kidding? Who in their right mind would buy something like that? At that price?

Show business people, evidently. Or so Fran said. She knew Sandra Bullock's assistant, and Sandra had a friend who was having a baby and she said Sandra would love something like that for her friend.

Well, it was pretty good story. Bella didn't know if it was true or not.

"Look, we can sale them online. You could make up a few, and I could have them right here at the store, too." Fran told her over the phone.

Bella choked. Overwhelmed, she sat back in her chair. This would really be wild if it happened. But could she do it? Should she do it?

"I just couldn't ask that much for a hat I crocheted." Bella said for starters.

"Oh yes, you could." Fran informed her.

"Really?" Bella's face tensed. She wasn't really an artist. It was quite simple. Anyone could do it, but would anyone? "How many would you need?"

"At least twenty or so," Fran said.

"Twenty?" Was she out of her mind? When?

"The sooner the better, what do you think?"

"Oh." A chill came over her. Why hadn't she been crocheting the whole time and saving up stuff to show people? Instead, she'd made hats for herself, Emily, Jane and Lucy even Gib. She'd even made a brown tam for Fish, but he was a bit skeptical. "I don't have that many bad hair days." But he wore it to please her as if he was some sort of wretched artist who had to labor at a grocery store. She hadn't gotten any takers as of yet. She supposed grocery store help weren't exactly into style so much. But he did look cool in it.

"Make sure to make those little flowers too. People love those." Fran suggested.

"Of course." She thought for sure she might be sick. When she got off the phone, she only thought of one person who could help. Whitney.


dapper kid said...

How exciting for her! I hope she can get the order done in time though, it reminds of One Tree Hill when Brooke has to make all of those dresses lol.

ellie said...

Cool..I'm glad Bella has found her passion..I hope.

the oaks said...

sounds like some hard work ahead.