Monday, June 8, 2009

that other moment

Charlotte felt every lip-lock she was in with Rosco might be the last. So she made the most with each kiss. Perhaps it was part of making up. She couldn't be sure. But it was breath taking. The whole crowded journey which was a bit stifling just kept her certain of things to come. And yet, she felt they were in their own little world.

It was great to have him so close. To have his scent mixed with hers of coconut sun block and the sizzling heat. They held hands where ever they went. She couldn't remember the last time they did so.

Her heart was riding a fine tune as they went from one ride to another. She enjoyed the waiting just as much as the ride. And she knew the ride would have lost its luster if she hadn't been with Rosco. She was happy. So upbeat funny sunny mood. The kind where you kept your shades on so no one would know how crazy and giddy you actually were.

Oh, she could see those middle age couples fighting with their children, take a moment and gaze upon them as they passed by. They were full of envy and Charlotte loved it. Even if her feet had blisters. She didn't want to stop and think about that.

She'd gotten a fresh bottle of cold water, took a few sips and handed it to Rosco.

"You know something, we should really make this a moment we shall never forget." She looked around for ideas.

"Like what?" Rosco winced.

She had a few ideas. Charlotte just wasn't sure how smart they were, but they were naughty. She dared to share them with him.

"We could perhaps, you know, do it, in the tunnel." She pointed. It was a horror ride. Not many were in line for it.

"What? We get freak'n five minutes in there, tops, and you want to do it, in there?"

"Right?" That wasn't long enough.

Well, there was a movie going on in the theater where one laid down on a cushy carpet to watch a movie on the ceiling. It supposedly made you feel you were actually there. It lasted almost an hour.

"Come on." The next show started in a few minutes. She'd drag him there kicking and screaming if she had too.

Finally, they got in to the air-conditioned building. It wasn't that crowded. A few kiddies were not so close. Some old woman said if she got down on the carpet that she'd never get up. Her grandsons promised to help her.

Charlotte and Rosco laid side by side and stared at the ceiling, waiting.

"You are kidding me, aren't you?" Rosco glared at her that he would never do such a thing with people around, even in the dark.

"Come on, it'll be fun," She smiled.

He sighed.

It went dark. The movie stared of a rain-forest. Boring, she thought. She rolled over toward him pulled him closer and started kissing him. with tongue. She had her hand down his shorts as she kissed him so fervently. It wasn't long until he was actually prickling to her tender touch. Still it was too much she knew as she looked around, the ceiling too as the nature show played out with the birds and the bees. It was silly. Really. Well, the movie not this as she squeezed her self closer to Rosco who was after all in the natural state of things.

"Come on," she whisper.


"The bathroom then."

He didn't say no to that. They crawled out near their edge toward the restrooms. She pulled him into the women's restroom.

"Oh, my God," She laughed. "This is like the cleanest restroom in the whole park." It smelled of jasmine too.

They went into a stall then, and she locked the door. It was so quiet. And in the stillness, she knew exactly what she wanted. It might be the best thrill of all.


em said...

awww that was cute:)

diane said...

Oh, thank god I'm way past those days. Leave it to the very young.

the oaks said...

oh..that Charlotte!

Winnie said...

Well I'm glad they didn't stay in the movies...

ellie said...

hahahaa..I love your note Winnie.