Sunday, June 21, 2009

on father's day

Gordy sort of expected it. Breakfast in bed. He'd prepared for it in his pajama pants and favorite Lucky Charms T-shirt that Jane chose for him for Christmas.

"Its our new tradition, right?" Gordy looked at Rachel. The girls were piled in to bed with them. It felt more like a picnic.

"Well, of course." Rachel was trying to keep Lucy from making a sticky mess with the syrup on the pancakes. Thank goodness it was a meal that lasted all of fifteen minutes.

"Daddy, where's your daddy?" Jane said out of the blue. "Why don't you call him?"

Gordy just smiled. Only there was a lump in his throat. What was he suppose to say?

"I don't really know his telephone number." Gordy hope that was good enough answer.

"I bet Rosco knows it." She told him.

"I dunno. He's so busy right now." Gordy looked at Rachel to help him out.

"Well, she has a point," Rachel told him.

"Yeah, maybe." Gordy shook his head.

"If you're the best Daddy in the world, I want to met my Grand-daddy. I bet he's the best." She informed him.

Gordy gritted a smile.

"I'll see what I can do." He hoped that would pacify her enough as they got through breakfast. They went to clean up. Gordy made a phone call to Rosco's mother to see if she could help. He had his doubts, but she gave him a phone number.

He stared at it for the longest while. Why in the world would he want to do this on Father's day? Really? His heart was pounding in his chest. He hoped he could just let it ring and no one would answer. But somebody picked up on the other end of the line.


ellie said...

Oh..that Jane. She's something.

diane said...

I'm so glad Gordy followed Jane's lead.
I loved that Rachel was trying to keep the breakfast from making a mess on the sheets.

cady said...

They're such a cute family.
I feel bad for Gordy, though.

Winnie said...

Aw that t-shirt is the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

So Gordy has a Lucky Charms t-shirt eh?