Monday, June 22, 2009

one of those things

Rachel tried her best to keep the girls quiet. But they had to get in a fuss over the bubbles in the sink. She strained to listen to Gordy in the livingroom on the phone, but it was impossible. She wasn't sure if she felt happy or sad for him.

Actually, she liked the idea that he didn't know his father anymore than she knew her own. Her parents had split up when she was a baby, and her mother wasn't real good at keeping track of him, and it was an avoided subject when it came to her mother. Thank God, Jane hadn't asked her about Lucy's grandfather.

As it was she'd sent an e-mail video of Lucy to Andy for Father's Day. She didn't send him a package in time. She was still working on that. She was sure he'd be happy anytime to get one.

Finally, it was silent. Rachel went to the livingroom with the girls.

"That was quick," Rachel guessed.

"Well, she's having a talk with him." Gordy shrugged.


"His girlfriend." Gordy looked a bit indifferent. "She answered the phone, and she's excited at the thought of grand kids. Evidently. Anyway, since I wasn't Kal, he wasn't sure if he wanted to speak to me so I gave them Kal's phone number. Told her Kal had a son. I think he might call him." Gordy nodded.

A cold chill came over Rachel.

"I wish I hadn't suggested it." She gave him a hug.

"Its all right." Gordy nodded. He sat down on the couch then.

"Why doesn't he want to talk to me?" Jane climbed right up in Gordy's lap.

"He's busy."

She laid her head on his shoulder and pouted a bit.

"I think we should go to the park," Gordy then said.

"I still want to talk to my Grandpa." She told him.

"I don't think he has time for that," Gordy told her. "We'll take some pictures of you and Lucy at the park and then we'll e-mail him pictures of you. Maybe he'll find some time to talk to you. OK?"

"OK." She didn't sound so sad.

Gordy looked back at Rachel. Of course, Jane was ready to go immediately.

"Wait," Gordy then said. "I have to get dressed."

Rachel sighed and followed Gordy into the bedroom. She hugged him longer then. Really, they didn't need to mess with this stuff about his father. A father who may or may not of known of his existence.


Rachel looked at Gordy then.

"Why did you ever show her redial?" Gordy rolled his eyes.

"She is your daughter," Rachel said with a bit of a laugh.

They watched her from the bedroom. She was on the phone with her Grandpa.


ellie said...

hahahhaaa...oh Jane.

diane said...

I love Jane's determination.

cady said...

HAHA. Jane. She's got so much of Bella in her.

Lynda B said...

Didn't know that! Its a good song.

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