Sunday, June 7, 2009

never again

After driving for hours and a very long nap for Charlotte. Rosco and Charlotte found themselves at the place to solve their problems. Adventureland.

Just after they got their tickets they headed for the traditional Tornado roller-coaster. It was exhilarating. It was then that Rosco knew Charlotte really was living out her long lost dream as a kid. She did want to have fun. After that one ride they hopped on the Dragon and had a themselves a screaming fine time, upside down even. It just went on an on. Rosco had no idea what a thrill seeker Charlotte really was.

He didn't dare ask about Derrick. Instead they bought tank tops with Adventureland inscribed on them that were way over priced at the gift shop, put them on and headed for the water part of the amusement park. She drenched him in sun block. He did the same for her.

"I should have planned this better," she told him.

"You did enough. Why shouldn't we have an adventure at Adventureland, anyway?" He was burnt red by the sun. Nothing was really going to help his fair skin.

Before they knew it they'd gone on every ride in the park, and it was still daylight.

"Lets do it again," Charlotte insisted.

Rosco felt like an old timer as they tread back to places they'd been twice to before.

"Why not." He supposed they could live here at this rate. He could see them getting lost and never finding their way home at this rate.

They waited in line making out until time to get on this water ride or this jump. It was excitingly amazing. It was summer. It was hot, but it was oh so golden. Rosco was grateful they made up. He never wanted to leave her side, again.


Anonymous said...

I like the part with the screaming fine time, it made me smile:)

simon n josh said...

I'm glad they had this adventure together. They needed it.

ellie said...

sounds like a blast!

sid and violet said...

makeout in that's the best!

dapper kid said...

Aww haha, how wonderful for them to get to spend a fun time together! I haven't been to a theme park in forever, I so need go on a rollercoster some time this summer.

the oaks said...

Nothing like an amusement park for summer!

diane said...

He never asked her about Derrick? She is too lucky for words.