Saturday, July 25, 2009

on the way home

"I think I liked that other guy," Jane yawned when Gordy was putting her in her seat for the ride home.

"What other guy?" Gordy didn't remember seeing any other guy.

"She means Kal's Mom's boyfriend." Rachel told him who was getting Lucy situated.

"God, we need a mini-van." Gordy faced the fact as he got in the car then to start it up. He looked at Rachel and started to think he was thinking out loud just like her. He cleared his throat.

"That's Ral who you're talking about, Jane. That's not your grandfather. Remember I introduced you to him." Gordy finally answered Jane's question.

He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw she had her eyes closed already.

"That Ral did get a kick out of the girls," Rachel nodded.

"Yeah, he did keep everyone laughing." Gordy nodded. "I guess Vin had too much on his mind."

"Are you going to call him Vin?" Rachel looked at him.

"I dunno if I'll call him much of anything." Gordy yawned. "I mean, I'm glad he got to see the girls, I guess. I'm happy I saw him. It was just dinner.

"So did you find out what was going on with those girls?" Rachel asked Gordy as he was driving back.

"You mean Charlotte and Whitney?" Gordy assumed.

"They were so silly." Rachel rolled her eyes.

"They were having fun." Gordy just said, waiting for the red light to turn green.

It was quiet then. Just the way he liked it. Really, all he wanted was to get home and get everyone in bed so he could go to bed.


"What?" Gordy's eyes lit. "Did you forget something?"

"I bet Charlotte is pregnant. She's pregnant, Gordy. I bet that's what this is all about." Rachel sighed. "What if its Derrick's?"


diane said...

Brilliant guess, Rachel. (Then she suddenly went stupid)

simon n josh said...

Oh, Rachel..what will we do with her?

ellie said...

rachel is so funny about her on story about things. Funny!