Monday, July 27, 2009

popping about

"Well, are you sure it was the right thing?" Kat looked at Parker when she noticed they were actually alone for breakfast.

"Of course it was." He looked at her as if it had to be. Dan was gone. He moved into the apartment over Mrs. LaBarron's garage. "Granted, I wish he was a couple states away, but its a start."

"You know, I think Dan might could really help with Emily's wedding. He used to do that sort of thing." Kat served up scrambled eggs and ham with a toasted bagel on the side.

"Don't say that." Parker shook his head while he poured the both up orange juice. "I don't know what my brother ever saw him. Really?"

"He's rather mothering." Kat shrugged.

"Mothering?" Parker grimaced. "Really, you know, I'm fine with my brother being gay, but Dan? Jace is kind of looker and so young, you know."

"I know, but maybe age didn't matter." Kat slightly smirked.

Parker just looked at his eggs. He took a bite and played with the ham some. Finally he looked at Kat.

"OK, lets just get this straight," he said. "You are no Dan. You're not mothering. You're not any of those things like Dan."

"Remember, Dan is really really sad and depressed right now." Kat told him.

"Even on a good day he was a total old fart. I'm glad things didn't work out with him Jace." Parker sighed.

"Well, maybe you're brother is thinking right now, 'I can't wait when my brother wakes up and smells the coffee'...he's wasting his life with that old woman." Kat sipped her juice then.

"Would I listen to my brother?" Parker looked at Kat. "He's gay, what would he know?"

"All right," Kat shook her head and started to eat her breakfast.

"The whole point is, my brother has always wanted to find someone who's going to take care of him, and I'm afraid everyone probably thinks the same thing about me being with you. But its not like that. I know there is a lot of things I don't have, but I'm working on it. And maybe one day you're going to marry me." He smiled.

Kat almost choked on her coffee.

"What are you asking me?" She looked at him and he smiled handing over a small box with something from Blue Nile.


e.l. said...

I'm glad Parker sees all the sides of this. & that was a nice breakfast ..after all for Kat.

diane said...

Parker is not letting his youth stop him making some very wise decisions. Do we see a double wedding in the future? Because that could be a real comedy of errors, haha.

em said...

Age really doesn't matter when it comes to dating. And thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed it.

simon n josh said...

aw..thats so sweet.