Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it just might happen

"All right, so what do we have going on here?" Dan was a bit much to watch, him twisting and turning there at Bella's house. Emily was ready to pull his hair out.

"By the end of the month we want to get married." Emily informed him.

"I see." He put his two index fingers to the corners of his lips as if he might be trying to communicate with ET of somebody. He looked around the room.

"I don't want to have it in the house. Outside, the back yard." Bella glared at him as if he was a magician, and he might teleport all three of them to the back yard.

"Hmmm," he kept looking out the corner of his eye at Archie who was holding Gib. He couldn't take his eyes off of him.

Emily rolled her eyes and looked at Archie. "Why don't you take him, to Mom's?"

"But?" Archie could barely say a word.

"Now! You go too. Just go!" She brushed him away with a wave of her hand. "I'll call you when you can come back."

"All right." Archie grabbed the diaper bag.

Dan let out a big sigh when Archie left as if they'd taken the cookies away, and he couldn't have any.

"Well, really, you need a tent for the ceremony." He informed them as if he did know what he was doing.

"A tent?" This sounded like money.

"Don't worry, Honey, I can get you one. Cheap, OK?" Dan puckered his lips then as if he were on a roll of some kind. "We'll get the daisy bouquet since that's what your sister wants." He made it sound so dull. "I want you two to leave it all to me. All-right?" He put his arm around each of them as if they were the three amigos. "We're going to make it work. Even if you are asking for major surgery, if you ask me. God, I just hope there won't be a tornado."

Emily looked at Bella. At this point, Emily didn't care. She just wanted a wedding. Now.


the oaks said...

At least Emily wants to protect Archie from Dan. That was funny.

e.l. said...

hahahaa...Dan might be more trouble than they know.

diane said...

I thought Dan was looking at Gib. Some gay men make the best fathers ever. Could it be that Dan's biological clock is ticking?
How funny about the tornado remark. It immediately reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

simon n josh said...

Oh, Dan just might have his eye on Archie..or at least Emily thinks so.

past the point said...

hhahaha...I kind of like Dan.