Monday, August 3, 2009


"I feel totally useless," Kat didn't like how it ended with Emily. Naturally, Emily didn't even notice. Emily chunked the cake once she ate the icing. "Why do I even try?"

"Don't say that," Parker said who was still trying to coax her upstairs for something more than an afternoon nap.

"She doesn't think we'll get married." Kat shrugged who was on the couch channel surfing.

"Did she say that?" Parker winced who was setting right next to her. "Where is she?"

"She went back to B's. She forgot Archie." Kat crossed her arms.

"See, I was thinking we could go somewhere in December, you know, a cruise or something and we could get married here or there." He put his arm around her. She just wasn't sure she was in the mood to be cozy.

"It sounds nice." She nodded.

"Its just I can get time off then. You know, when you have winter break. It would be my first vacation as a full-timer and well, it would be a real vacation." He told her.

"God, there really is just so much involved in a wedding." Kat was thinking of Emily's. "You know, I told her she should get Dan to help."

"Don't do that." Parker shook his head as he kept looking at her and playing with her hair.

"I wonder how he's doing?" Kat looked out toward the patio door as if she might catch a glimpse of him in his apartment, but of course she had no idea if he was even there. She thought she might cut him some cake and take it to him. It had been days since she'd last spoken to him.

"Kat," Parker whispered.

She felt his finger, drawing down her neck to her shoulder. She finally turned toward him, and he kissed her so affectionately on the lips. Kat smiled with a sigh.

Well, this was one of the better reasons why she liked having him around in the afternoon. Sex was always good before dinner.


Anonymous said...

Funnny last sentence. I do wonder how their wedding will work out.

simon n josh said...

hahhaa..that was good about Emily leaving something..Archie!

past the point said...

I think Parker is really into her. They should just get married.

simon n josh said...

I'm still laughing about her forgetting Archie. oh boy. Kat should just get married because Parker does seem to make her happy.

the oaks said...

I like how she's thinking about emily and he's thinking about her. So real.

diane said...

Maybe Dan's got a new lover. No news is good news.