Sunday, August 2, 2009

on the rocks

Emily didn't seem to care if she'd interrupted anything with her Mom and Parker. They were just playing around in the living-room on their way upstairs.

It was her house after all. She did live there. Didn't she?

"Look what I got?" Her mother showed Emily her engagement ring.

"Thats nice, Mom." She barely looked at it. "I need help, Mom. I need you to stop Bella from sticking her nose into things where it doesn't belong."

"I thought you guys had it all worked out about the wedding." Her Mom went to cut Emily a piece of chocolate cake.

"No. Nothing is done." Emily squinted sitting down at the kitchen table. "Why did I ever ask for her help?"

"She volunteered."

"And at her house. I don't know Mom." She picked at the icing.

"Well," her mom sighed. "I could ask Dan. He's done weddings before."

"Dan?" She winced.

"You forgot him already?"

"Oh, that guy." Emily snarled a disgusting look.

"Ask somebody at work then." Her mother suggested.

"I don't know those people." She looked at her gooey cake. "You don't think I'll get married, do you?"

"Did I say that?" Her mom glared at her then.

"Fine," Emily was in a huff. "Go get Dan. I need someone to whip this thing in to shape. Pronto."

"Have you even found someone who'll marry you?"


"God, I just love how everything keeps falling back to me." Her mom shook her head. "I plan on a destination wedding. None of you have to be there."

"Yeah, right Mom." Emily didn't believe that for a second.


e.l. said...

I feel kind of bad for Emily's Mom. Just when I thought Emily was growing up. I'm not so sure.

simon n josh said...

You never know if we sometimes keep each other from what we really want to do. I liked that about this.

elliestories said...

I hope Kat will shock Emily.

diane said...

A double wedding might be funny.

the oaks said...

hahahaaa..emily and her Mom.