Monday, August 10, 2009

the show

Honestly, Gordy kept thinking this was Floyd's show.

"Just don't wear the spandex, please, that's all I ask." Gordy wanted them to be themselves. He was not glam rocker. Gordy told Floyd this the night before when they rehearsed.

He was really impressed with Whitney.

"Why have you been hiding her all this time?" He'd asked Kal.

Damn, the girl could play electric. He was impressed. She had a voice too. It made Gordy smile. Yeah, it was going to be a show. A real show.

And now it was happening. Floyd was playing the drums since there seemed to be no one good enough for him. Finally, they had a drummer.

Of course, when Gordy saw the crowd he thought he might have a heart failure. He kept thinking they were there to see Derrick, but they weren't. They cheered them on. Their old bands name Freebirds.

So he followed Kal's lead and Rosco took over. They started with covers from old Led Zepplin tunes putting their own spin on them and worked up to some Wolfmother. It was true. rock and roll was here to stay with some great standards from bands they'd grown up on like Black Sabbath. And finally they did a couple of their own songs.

Afterwards, Rachel handed them a two hundred dollar check. It was grant money that was to be spent on part of the program. Of course, she sold black T-shirts afterwards with "Read" in some sort of rock'n roll font at fifteen bucks a pop.

"What are we going to do with it?" Rachel asked them.

"I think we should just start a savings account for the band." Gordy wasn't sure what else they might do other than go out for pizza.

As they were packing up some high school girl came up and asked them if they'd play for her birthday party. Some one else wanted to book them for a graduation party that wasn't happening til next year.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Floyd smirked at Gordy.

"No, I don't have a problem with that." Gordy smiled.

"Who said you had to be famous to have a rock'n roll lifestyle?" Rosco looked to Kal who smiled to Whitney.

"Well, I won't be quiting my daytime job anytime soon, " she promised as they were getting ready to leave.

"Don't you want to sit down and do a meet and greet now?" Someone asked hoping they'd do some accoustic stuff in the parking lot.

"Damn, we're that good," Floyd's eyes lit. "We should at least do the accoustic stuff."

"We don't have anything for a meet and greet," he told the fan then. "Just let us get loaded up and a couple of us will be out to do some accoustic stuff."

Gordy just stared at him that he had to be kidding. "I can't do this, I have to work in the morning." The auditorum had emptied out.

"I know, but Rosco and me, we'll handle it." Floyd nodded.

Gordy looked at Rosco to see if he was up for it. He just shrugged.

As Gordy left with Rachel, he wondered just what sort of door had they openned for themselves.

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ellie said...

Wow..that was cool they did so well.

diane said...

Whitney may have to eventually decide if she's staying with the band or going solo. It's just a matter of time.

the oaks said...

sounds like a very cool show.

simon n josh said...

Wow..good for then. Just the break they needed!