Monday, October 5, 2009

more than a recipe

"All right, right now is not the time to spaz," Kat didn't know what else to say to Bella. "At least you can go home." But she'd have to be on bed-rest. It was as if Bella's world had been turned upside down. "But you really have to stay in bed. Like they said."

Kat wasn't sure if this talk would do any good. She was afraid it would have to take a village to get through the rest of the month. At least Gib was taken care of. Kal and Whitney could watch after him. But as it was, everyone worked. And Mrs. LaBarren and Dan were the only people she knew who had the time to be there with Bella most of the day.

"We'll have a schedule, and everything." Kat flashed the chart at Bella who hadn't gotten home yet. She was just waiting for paperwork to clear at the hospital. "Some days, even Rosco can bring Gib over in the mornings." Kat smiled. She had everyone she could possibly think of to help out. Even she got some late afternoons with Bella which might be the hardest since dinner would be involved. "You're going to be OK."

But Bella was fretting.

"I just can't believe this is happening." Bella's tears were real. And she was practically a basket case.

"If this had happened with Gib, you probably would have been laughing right now." Kat sighed.

"I know. I know. Its just different this time." Bella frowned and Kat knew she had to give her a hug. "Everything scares me right now."

"Well, you have to think of this as a vacation." Kat told her.

"Its like, I'm having to do everything opposite from last time. Last time, I had to exercise all the time. Now, its...don't do anything."

"Its just a few weeks. Maybe in a week or so, you can be off bed-rest." Kat had to be wishful thinking.


simon n josh said...

She's just gonna have to take it easy.

the oaks said...

Its great Bella has so much family around..neighbors too.

diane said...

Leave it to the mother to organize everything and everybody. And pregnant too. Go Kat!

e.l. said...

Thank God, for mom!

Raigan said...

Oh my goodness my mom would be a total wreck if she had to be on bed rest too! She has gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my brother, and i know that just about drove her crazy!

thanks for complementing my smile, I was having a very down day and it definietly helped!!!

hope you had an awesome weekend!


cass and cady said...

Hope this works out.