Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the on going slumber party

Mrs. LaBarren said there was an art to staying in bed. Bella supposed so. Mrs. LaBarren told her she stayed a good bit of her last marriage in bed. Bella wasn't sure she wanted to know all about that. There were some things she wanted kept a mystery.

As it was Bella ate, slept and dreamed of DeGrassi. It was the only show she could stomach and a lot of the time she wish she wouldn't have because soon enough she was dreaming of Spinner and his cancer and pot smoking days and what was up with that closet homosexual jock who had the hots for Peter? Bella couldn't help but be in love with the show.

"You should be crocheting," Mrs. LaBarren said bringing out all her yarn and needles.

"Well," Bella wasn't sure if she wanted to or not. Her big attempt at business hadn't gotten her anywhere. Actually.

"We'll work on baby blankets." It was settled. Mrs. LaBarren put her to work.

But she couldn't help but miss Gib. She didn't know she could miss him this much even if Kal and Whitney brought him over as soon as they were off work. Whitney would make supper, and Bella would try to keep Gib in bed with her. It could only last so long. There was a longing, as if she were missing something. As if she could consider this void as something that needed to be fixed. So she'd get back to her teen soap.,and dream of those familiar faces at night. It was like going to another world. Not thinking of this one at all. She didn't like it. Didn't know if she'd be ready for the big moment when it happened. So she'd try to keep up with the crocheting with Mrs. LaBarren, and wait for her nights when Fish would come home, and they'd have a slumber party. Sometimes, Jane would join in.

It was so hard learning to savor the moments. But she knew she must. So she'd read to Jane, and Jane would just smile, and she'd hear her say, "I'm glad you have to stay in bed."


mariposa said...

Hey! Nice writing :)

By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog a while back :)

simon n josh said...

sometimes, you have to just give in..and enjoy the surroundings.

ellie said...

Maybe she'll find more rewards than she knows...staying in bed.

dapper kid said...

I really do like Mrs LaBarren. Crocheting a baby blanket sounds quite fun!

diane said...

Some really big lessons here. Job well done. xo

mariposa said...

Thanks :)