Thursday, January 28, 2010

a little to the left..maybe some to the right

Bella had really surprised Whitney with her ambition. Whitney, didn't want to think of herself jealous of her, but she was, kind of.

"Maybe, I should be doing something else." She pointed out to Kal after dinner one night when they were putting the dishes away.

"Come on, are you kidding me? They love you at the insurance place. And besides, you're actually doing what you went to school to do, aren't you?" Kal was being Mr. Positive, and she knew this would definitely be the wrong time to make a career move. After all, they were saving up, wanting to be on their own which she thought would never happen. Never.

"I dunno." Maybe it was all part of being pregnant. All this indecisiveness, pondering and the fright of what was to come.

"Look, you have this job, you need this job." Kal sighed. She could sense that he thought she was putting pressure on him now. She knew it was hard for him. Still. So much stress with not just one child to support, but their child, too.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking, you know." She didn't even want to say what if. "Its not like I'm upset about work or anything. I just have to wonder if their might be something more satisfying."

"Well, work is work," he said it and it sounded so sad. She knew he wanted to have a passion about what he did, but he didn't. There was no passion. But he was part of the team now that really had nothing to do with playing in a band even if it was at recording company.

She kissed him on the cheek then as if she alone was still his cheerleader, and he needed cheering on. But a little of her wished he'd be there for a little more positive reinforcement.


diane said...

He's right, this is hardly the time for a career move. And he has a passion for life, that's even better.

ellie said...

Kal is a good guy, I still think, but I can understand where Whitney is coming from too.

the oaks said...

Well, its a struggle. Everyday.

Holly said...

I hope Whitney doesn't have second thoughts about all this.

Meg said...

I know how Kal feels. But having no money sucks, especially with kids in the picture.