Sunday, January 31, 2010

way back then

"How's married life?" Emily's Mom wanted to know. They were in the kitchen, and it was the first time Emily really noticed it was happening. Her Mom was going to have a baby. Sure, she knew, but it didn't seem quite real until now, and Emily couldn't stop staring at the baby bump...thinking she'd have a sister or a brother .... soon.

"Great. Just great." Emily sounded indifferent though.

"What's wrong?" Her mother set down a tray of shortbread cookies.


"Its something."

"No, no really, I'm fine. We're doing great, even if I don't sleep all that well." She looked up at her mother's eyes then.

"Why is that?"

"He moves too much." She winced. "He flaunders like a fish, actually. And he laughes in bed. Then he gets all huggy and touchy. God, he'll want to do it in the middle of the night."

"Well, have you?"

"Mom!" She was appauled by that question. She wouldn't dare admit thats when it was at its best. Her Mom didn't need to know that.

Her mom just smiled.

"So what are you having?" She sounded like it might be dinner instead of the sex of the baby.

"A boy." Her mom told her.

"I'm having a brother? Are you kidding me?" Emily squinted.

"I wouldn't kid you. Parker's pretty proud of the fact." Her mom nodded.

"God, I'm finally getting a brother." Emily smiled. "Do you know how long I've wanted a brother?"

"You've never said." Her mother shrugged.

"Since I was like five. Except, I was wanting one that was Asian or black or something, back then. I thought it would be cool if he was nothing like me. Well, I was only five." Emily confessed. She bit into a cookie then. Emily sighed. Really, she was so sleepy. She needed rest. Where had all her energy gone?


diane said...

Emily's complaining is a little funny. It's like that, living with guys. And she wants a brother?

ellie said...

funny what we want at five. & the adventures of sleeping with a guy. She takes it to a whole new level.

cass and cady said...

The little things about marriage.tee-hee...

Winnie said...

Ah, it's not that bad!