Saturday, February 20, 2010

in the dulldrums

Charlotte did her best to get as much done at work as she could. So many books coming in that needed to be catalogued. Usually, Rachel's job was to catalogue the hard backs, and Charlotte took care of the short records for the paperbacks. Processing them, as well, in the morning. Her afternoons were for circulation and programs. Not that there were many going on at the moment. Other than the Hunger Games book club and a poetry slam once a month. But she'd started an impromptu Fan Fiction Creative club, since that was what a few wanted. This meant they got to show off their artwork for the most part. Thus this lead to the bookmarker competition. Hopefully, they'd have a zine ready by May.

Usually, Charlotte had no idea what she was really doing until she was in the middle of it. But she'd wake up from work ever so often just to wonder if Rachel was still in labor. Charlotte would cringe, thinking of the pain she was in. She was going to be extra nice to her after all this.

"How long do think she'll be out?" Charlotte asked Parker in the breakroom.

"She gets her 6 weeks." Parker shrugged who was looking over the left over Valentine candy, but grabbed an orange from the fridge to peel.

"Are you going to take off 6 weeks when the baby comes?" She looked at him who sat at the break table and peeled the orange.

"I'd like to, but I doubt it. I guess we'll see how it goes." He told her and handed her a couple of orange wedges.

"Rachel looked really bad." Charlotte winced. She had to wonder if Rachel would ever want to come back.

"I take it, you might never want any kids now, after seeing Rachel." He grinned.

"I dunno if I'm strong enough. Rachel, she's like an ox, you know." Charlotte grimaced.

"I'll tell her you said that," Parker laughed.

"No, I mean, she could pull this off. She doesn't care what she looks like or what she says during any of it. I'd be a wimp. Really, I would." Charlotte looked as if she might be sick. Suddenly, felt the only way to get through this was to be sick with Rachel. The orange felt funny in her mouth. She needed to throw up.


diane said...

Charlotte's emotional response is that of a true friend. She has empathy, good for her.

elliestories said...

If only Rachel knew or understood how Charlotte felt.

ellie said...

Its great that she's thinking about Rachel.

Holly said...

Oh Charlotte..stay strong for Rachel.

Meg said...

Charlotte sure is emphathetic.